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Bartenders to parties and other events

The concept

The concept launched by Bar4 is a unique and interesting way to lift the atmosphere of your event to a whole new level!

The idea is the same as those provided by regular catering services, except for that we focus solely on drinks. Ease your burden of arranging a party by delegating the drinks served at the party to professionals.

When to use Barcatering?

Barcatering is a great way to offer unforgettable moments to your guests at:


Client events




VIP events


Every party is different

That is why we arrange and plan the event exactly according to your preferences. You can help to decide the cocktail menu and theme of the bar. Everything can be tailored to your wishes.


We provide professional bartenders mixing drinks at your event

Our staff is at the very top of Finland´s cocktail scene. We have years of experience in restaurants, bars, cocktail competitions and catering events.

Raw materials

Due to Finland’s alcohol legislation, we can not bring any alcoholic beverages with us to your event.

Therefore we will give you a shopping list of alcohols needed for the event, so even that is easy! Everything else needed for the bar: bar counter, ice, glasses, fruits, juices etc. we will bring with us.

Area of operations

Our barcatering service can be brought to you, regardless of location

One of the fundamental points of our service is that we bring the bar to your party. We will make sure that our logistics suit your schedule.

Promotions and festivals

We provide professional staff for any kind of event

Ask for more bar4@bar4.fi


If you have any questions regarding our concept, do not hesitate to ask.

We will gladly answer all questions.

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